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MAKALU was registered and set up in the year of 2004 in Shanghai, China, within concentrated operation of the pipes & tubes, valves, fittings, stainless steel bars & coils & sheets and aluminum sheet, is one of leading companies in China. The company measured its success in terms of service and strives to be ranked with the leading performers among China's companies. Its management system has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification of TUVRheinland. The company is proud of its origin as a main supplier of co-operative in stainless steel field-a history that forged strong links with the stainless steel makers community. 

While building on these links, MAKALU has diversified its business and geographical base. Today, MAKALU has interests in process valves, pipes, fitting pipes and also stainless steel Coil & sheets. We operate mainly in China and Taiwan and have significant export market. With a clear focus on creating value, MAKALU is actively expanding its existing businesses and assessing new opportunities throughout China and the globe.

MAKALU's most important business area is distribution and export. Through these various functions, we are working to provide the right products and services to customers at home and abroad. MAKALU develops its services according to its customer's requirements. The dense network of its agencies, branches and subsidiaries within stainless steel business activities has brought MAKALU distribution closer to its customers. The shortening distances shorten it delivery times. By holding dedicated customer stocks in forecasts, its reaction time is reduced to a minimum.

To provide the right products to market has resulted in efficiency and performance gains. This has provided immediate benefits to the customers. Further into the service towards partnerships. Facilitated by the development of information technology through electronic data interchange real-time management of customers’ orders and stock, and the provision of exhaustive product information on the internet, MAKALU distribution is developing special relations with customers, where there are benefits to both partners.

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