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  MAKALU offers the complete specification of the valves with high quality and much lower price. High quality, timely delivery, efficiency performance and most competitive price maximum power output using a minimum size and weight. The wide range of our MAKALU product can meet your current and further application demand. The combination of Taiwan engineering and China manufacturing, alone with Japan equivalent quality and much lower price.
   Top and steady quality with reasonable price is our reputation and that a demand which keep you ahead on the market competition.


Ball Valve


1PC Ball Valve

1. 1PC Screwed Ball Valve

2. 1 PC Flanged Ball Valve

3. Wafer Type Ball Valve
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2PC Ball Valve

1. 2PC Screwed Ball Valve

2. 2PC Flanged Ball Valve
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3PC Ball Valve

1. 3PC Screwed Ball Valve

2. 3PC Weld Ball Valve

3. 3PC Flanged Ball Valve
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Three Way Ball Valve

1. Screwed Three Way Ball Valve

2. Flanged Three Way Ball Valve
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Forged Ball Valve

1. 1PC Forged Ball Valve

2. 3PC Forged Ball Valve

3. Forged Floating Ball Valve
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Top Entry Ball Valve

Top Entry Ball Valve
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Gate Valve


Screwed End Gate Valve

1. Screwed End Gate Valve
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Flanged Gate Valve

2. Flanged Gate Valve - SS

3. Flanged Gate Valve - CS
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Forged Gate Valve

4. Forged Gate Valve
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Check Valve


Swimg Check Valve

1. Screwed Swing Check Valve

2. Flanged Swing Check Valve - SS

3. Flanged Swing Check Valve - CS
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Wafer Check Valve

4. Single Plate Check Valve

5.Dual Plate Check Valve
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Disc Check Valve

6. Disc Check Valve
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Lift/Piston Check Valve

7. Lift/Piston Check Valve
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Forged Check Valve

8. Forged Check Valve
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Globe Valve


Screwed End Globe Valve

1. Screwed End Globe Valve
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Flanged End Globe Valve

2. Flanged End Globe Valve
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Forged Globe Valve

3. Forged Globe Valve
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Butterfly Valve


Lug Type Butterfly Valve

1. Lug Type Butterfly Valve
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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

2. Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
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Flanged Bufferfly Valve

3. Flanged Butterfly Valve
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Needle Valve


Angle Type Needle Valve

1. Angle Type Needle Valve
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Straight Type Needle Valve

2. Straight Type Needle Valve
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Sanitary Valve


Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Sanitary butterfly valve

Sanitary clamped butterfly valve

Sanitary DIN threaded butterfly valve
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Sanitary Ball Valve

Sanitary butterfly-type ball valve

Sanitary quick-install ball valve

Sanitary zero-retention ball valve
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Sanitary Diaphragm valve

Sanitary commutation diaphragm Valve

Sanitary diaphragm valve

Sanitary triplet commutation diaphragm valve
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Sanitary Check Valve

Sanitary quick-install check valve

Sanitary threaded check valve

Sanitary welded check valve
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Sanitary Reversing Valve

Sanitary reversing Valve
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Sanitary Sample Valve

Sanitary sample Valve
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Sanitary Relief Valve

Sanitary relief valve
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Sanitary Pneumatic Valve

Sanitary pneumatic ball valve

Sanitary pneumatic quick-install butterfly valve

Sanitary pneumatic reversing valve
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Sanitary Electric Valve

Sanitary electric butterfly valve
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Pneumatic Valve



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Y Strainer


Screwed End Y-Type Strainer

1. Screwed End Y-Type Strainer
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Flanged End Y-Type Strainer

2. Flanged End Y-Type Strainer
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Sanitary pump

Centrifugal Pump (close impeller)

Centrifugal Pump (open impeller)

Lobe pump (with motor)
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C-top controller

C-top controller
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